Our Why

Our Mission

Empowering the Ages transforms lives through facilitating and nurturing relationships across all generations. We connect people to each other and their communities to share, learn and feel valued.

Our Vision

Thriving, cohesive communities with people from all generations contributing to each other’s well-being through the strategic use of their unique skills and perspectives.

Our Values

  • CommunityCommunities are stronger when all members are valued for their strengths, abilities and contributions.

  • Relationships Relationships, including those between different generations, should be mutually beneficial and empowering.

  • Innovation – To meet the needs of the community in a challenging and rapidly changing time, we must be nimble and open to change: thinking critically and evolving creatively.

  • Partnerships – Partnerships and collaboration are essential to effecting meaningful change in the community.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Communities, organizations, and individuals cannot reach their full potential unless they are consciously committed to inclusivity, equity and diversity.

Strategic Plan

ETA’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2022 was created in accordance with our mission, vision, and values.


  1. Children/youth and their families will have new opportunities to engage with individuals age 50 and older.
  2. Children/youth and their families will have new opportunities to access volunteer support as their students enter and advance in school
  3. Individuals aged 50 and older will have new volunteer opportunities to use their knowledge and skills to support children/youth in the community.
  4. ETA partnerships, outreach, and facilitation will educate individuals, organizations, and government on the positive outcomes of intergenerational connection.
  5. ETA will be well-funded and function organizationally with the highest standards of skill, transparency, and accountability.