Leah Bradley

Leah BradleyExecutive Director and Co-Founder Leah Bradley has extensive experience in the intergenerational field, including providing nationwide training and technical assistance to practitioners establishing intergenerational initiatives. She has visioned, planned and implemented many intergenerational programs throughout the Country. Leah is a social worker, having earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan with concentrations in interpersonal practice and gerontology and a Bachelors of Science from University of Delaware in Family and Community Service.

Leah and her husband reside in Olney, Maryland and have two daughters in Montgomery County Public Schools. Leah enjoys traveling and watching her daughters play sports.

To contact Leah, email her at leah@ (for the rest of the email address, see below).

Megan Tracy Benson

Megan Tracy BensonDeputy Director and Co-Founder Megan Tracy Benson is experienced in nonprofit program coordination and working with older adults in multiple settings, including as a care coordinator in supportive senior public housing. Megan has launched and expanded intergenerational programs in partnership with schools, government agencies, and individuals. She has extensive volunteer experience in county schools and the local community. Megan earned her B.A. from Brown University and her M.S.W. from the University of Maryland School of Social Work.

Megan is a Southern California native who has lived in Silver Spring for nearly two decades. She and her husband have two children in Montgomery County Public Schools. She enjoys traveling with her family, reading, and spending time with friends.

To contact Megan, email her at megan@ (for the rest of the email address, see below).


Janel Peters

Janel Peters

Program Specialist Janel Peters has years of experience coordinating intergenerational programs. She has worked with schools, senior living communities, volunteers, youth groups, and adult day programs to make meaningful connections between youth and older adults in various community settings. Earlier in her career, she coordinated volunteers working with older adults within immigrant communities. She received her bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University and her M.A. from Columbia University.

Originally from Lake Placid, New York, Janel and her husband have lived in Rockville, Maryland, for many years with their three children. She enjoys music, theater, and coffee.

To contact Janel, email her at janel@ (for the rest of the email address, see below).


Marcy Frosh

Connections Program Consultant Marcy Frosh’s experience in the nonprofit sector has long included work across the generations. As Director of Programs for the national Children’s Dental Health Project, she advised state oral health programs in building dental health literacy and prevention initiatives for children and their families. Focusing on seniors, she served as a consultant for two volunteer-supported aging-in-place senior “Villages”—developing one of the nation’s first Village plans to reach diverse populations. She has also worked in several areas of national health policy. Marcy earned a B.A. from the University of Maryland and J.D. from Georgetown University.

Marcy and her husband have lived for decades in Chevy Chase, where they raised two daughters. She has been very involved in politics and loves to relax with a good book.

To contact Marcy, email her at marcy@ (for the rest of the email address, see below).


Intern Alumni


Gloria worked as a co-coordinator in the Crossing Paths program, as a member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps. She is a retired teacher and school administrator with experience working collaboratively with students, families, and community leaders in Pennsylvania and Virginia. She has a BS from Indiana University of PA, an MA from Georgetown University, and an Ed.D. from Temple University.


Kara is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland who majored in English; she worked on Empowering the Ages’ grant research, as well as assisted with ETA’s social media and Light A Spark. Kara enjoys reading in her spare time.


Pearl served as a Covid Corps intern and later as ETA’s Communications Coordinator. She earned her B.S. in Psychology at Howard University and is pursuing a graduate degree in the same field. Pearl previously worked with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, serving as a transportation ambassador and a social media strategy and content creator. Pearl enjoys working with people of all ages and firmly believes that you can always learn something new from anyone you interact with.

Ted ModrickTed

Ted interned for ETA as a Montgomery County COVID Corps intern and a student at Wheaton High School. He worked for two years with Montgomery County Department of Recreation’s Tech Connect, serving on a team of youth providing technical assistance to older adults in the community. Ted says he enjoys working with seniors “because they often have interesting life stories and they will just talk to you for a while.”

Samuel HernandezSamuel

Samuel interned for ETA as a Montgomery County COVID Corps intern and a student at Springbrook High School. Samuel previously worked with Montgomery County Department of Recreation’s Tech Connect, serving on a team of youth providing technical assistance to older adults in the community. He says he has “learned to be patient and more understanding through working with seniors.” Samuel’s favorite hobbies are sports and traveling.

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