ETA’s Brand New Signature Program: Sharing Smiles

A community-wide program in response to social isolation from Coronavirus

Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation—it’s just changing the way we relate to one another. Now is a more important time than ever to connect older and younger people with one another, to make sure everyone knows that someone cares.

Sharing Smiles, an initiative of Empowering the Ages, connects adults to youth through two different programs – one connecting groups of adults and youth and the other connecting individuals. With each program, people can find pen pals, write joint stories, create poetry, share artwork, inspire with motivational quotes, and creatively share our individual strengths.

Sharing Smiles – registering a group

  • If you have a group of older adults who would benefit from ongoing email or postal mail from youth – sign up and we’ll connect to you a group of youth. (Examples include, older adult living facilities, senior classes, religious groups, social clubs, etc…)
  • If you have a group of youth who are interested in sending email or postal mail to older adults – sign up and we’ll connect you to a group of adults. (Examples include scout troops, homeschool groups, youth classes, religious groups, etc…)
  • If your group has both older adults and youth within it – sign up and we’ll provide resources for you to get started internally. (Examples include: neighborhood associations, faith communities, etc…)

Sharing Smiles – registering an individual

  • Complete an on-line form on behalf of yourself, your child, your parent, your grandparent, your neighbor or another loved one.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email confirmation with suggestions for your communication and content, plus additional details. All communication will be sent through a trained, third party ensuring the content is appropriate. You are truly sharing a smile, and can be as anonymous as you like.

Please download and share ETA’s Sharing Smiles overview.

Contact staff if you have any questions.

Sharing Smiles