Light A Spark

So… what’s Light A Spark?

ETA’s Light A Spark Challenge is a fun, self-paced 15-day run/walk challenge during Older Americans Month, from May 1-15….  It honors older adults who “light a spark” in the lives of younger generations, helping their futures burn brighter….  And it benefits our work at ETA, bringing generations together!

And how do I participate?

  • Easy! Think of an older adult who “lit a spark” in your life—recently or decades ago—and join in their honor. A special grandparent, memorable neighbor, inspiring teacher?
  • Choose your goal for the 15 days: 5 miles or less? 10, 25, 50, 75 miles, or more?!
  • Head to to sign up — by April 1 for a guaranteed t-shirt (choose purple or black)!

  • If you want to go the extra mile… start your own “team” and invite friends and family to join you, for more fun and accountability! It’s easy to do while you’re signing up.
  • Feel great knowing that all proceeds support Empowering the Ages’ work, so we can keep bringing younger and older generations together to “light a spark” in each other and in the community.

But what happens May 1-15?

  • You’ll get moving! You can log your running or walking mileage with us online if you want to earn virtual “badges” along the way.
  • You’ll receive email and social media posts with inspiration, motivation, and updates on our grand total distance.
  • You’ll have access to our online Wall of Honor, with the option to post photos of your honoree, or of you, walking or running in the Challenge.
  • You’ll receive a Light A Spark 15-Day Challenge t-shirt, in your choice of black or purple (*MUST REGISTER BY April 1, 2022, to be guaranteed a shirt*)
  • AND, after the challenge ends, you’ll receive a special certificate naming your Light A Spark honoree—a great memento or a thoughtful gift!

Thank you for supporting ETA, and have fun!

Sign up today!