Connections: School Ambassadors, Student Advocates

Every child needs and deserves the support of multiple generations to become a thriving member of the community.

The Connections: School Ambassadors, Student Advocates program takes a 3-generation approach to support young students who are at risk of academic underperformance and chronic absenteeism. Our volunteers (age 50+) serve as a bridge between family and school, utilizing their own life experiences and skills to become an additional supportive member of their student’s success team.

Volunteers work in groups to become part of a school community, striving to understand the school’s culture and resources, so that each one can serve as an effective school ambassador to the families they work with.

Each volunteer spends time at school throughout the year getting to know their student as an individual, in order to serve as an effective advocate for the student. They have conversations and do activities both one-on-one (to provide personal attention) and in small groups (to enhance students’ social skills). Volunteers are in regular, proactive communication with parents/caregivers to support the parent/caregiver’s own efforts to advocate for their child.

Empowering the Ages recruits and screens each volunteer, providing ongoing training and support so that the experience is fulfilling and meaningful for everyone involved.

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Connections: School Ambassadors, Student Advocates