Teejay Nash


Teejay Nash

Thomas James Nash, II; (better known as TeeJay), has a quote that he has lived by since he was in high school:

“I do not wish to be the one that is quick to answer, I want to be the one that is willing to take the time to understand the question.”

Asking critical questions has led TeeJay to live intentionally focused on what exactly is the meaning of life? That question will most likely become a lifelong exercise which he unabashedly welcomes as a worthwhile challenge.

Raised in New Orleans, TeeJay earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Theology from Xavier University of Louisiana. He is now a Religion teacher in New Orleans and lives in Mid-City with his beautiful wife, Whitney.

When not pondering deeply on why we are here and for what purpose, TeeJay is usually enjoying family, the Good Food in NOLA, watching Saints/Pelicans games, or listening to music.