WINTER/SPRING 2024: ETA has a new opportunity for volunteers age 50+, to support—and learn from—college students in University of Maryland (Shady Grove) class project groups, from Feb-May 2024, on selected Tuesday mornings.

The semester-long class project: Working in groups of approx 3 students and 1 volunteer, students in this Information Sciences class will research and develop a presentation on how a specific user group seeks out information. First, students will select a user group that interests them (past examples have included World Cup fans, recently-arrived refugees, college students with disabilities, and older adults with dementia). Then, students do a deep dive (including interviews) into how their chosen user group seeks out information. Finally, students will create a presentation on their findings and present it in class.

The volunteer’s role: Each volunteer will serve as integral members of one student team, providing feedback, advice, and support as the students navigate each part of the project. This is an opportunity to share your experiences and insights with, and learn from, the students. NO specific professional background, training, or technology skills are required. Volunteer roles could include helping students pick a topic and create a research plan; supporting them in developing their group-work and communication skills; and sharing tips on effective interviews and presentations. Volunteers will work with the same group of students all semester long.

When and Where: Jan 30-May 7, 2024, on alternating Tuesday mornings, from 10:00-11:30AM, at the Universities at Shady Grove (Rockville). The professor will finalize in early January which specific Tuesdays the groups will meet.


→ For BRAND NEW ETA VOLUNTEERS, please complete our Volunteer Application: and ETA staff will contact you. Please mention “Winter/Spring College Project” and include any questions in the comments/questions space.

→ For RETURNING ETA VOLUNTEERS, please email with the subject line “Winter/Spring College Project.” You don’t need to complete another application; we know you!