Meet our newest board member, Meryl Bloomrosen, a longtime Montgomery County resident with a passion for making a difference in healthcare and public policy. With a wealth of experience working with federal agencies, the White House, Congress, nonprofits, corporations, and more, Meryl brings a unique perspective to our team. She currently works at the American Medical Association (AMA), focusing on health data sharing for improved healthcare.
Meryl is a proud MBA graduate from G.W. University and holds a master’s degree in biomedical informatics from Oregon Health and Sciences University. When she’s not busy changing the world, you can find Meryl hiking, traveling, and diving into a good book. She also dedicates her time as a volunteer usher at Arena Stage and the Olney Theater.
Join us in giving Meryl a warm welcome!  #NewBoardMember #HealthcareInnovator #CommunityChampion