This year marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of Silent Spring, writer Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking book that helped launch the modern environmental movement. In another of Carson’s books, Sense of Wonder, she encouraged parents and grandparents to spark a love of nature in children, just as her mother did for her.

In her honor, the Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance holds an annual Intergenerational “Sense of Wonder, Sense of the Wild” contest, inviting teams with members of two or more generations to write poems and essays about nature.

“They have to consult with older people, and that’s one of the great benefits… the children say, ‘I’m so glad I had time to talk with my mom or my grandmother about this,’” RCLA executive director Diana Post said in a recent Beacon article. “They see the world through Rachel Carson’s eyes.”

Get details at the Rachel Carson Landmark Alliance website (click on “Wonder Contest”). And if you enter, drop us a line at ETA to let us know—good luck!