We received this great letter recently about a pair of ETA’s Sharing Smiles pen-pals. Did you know ETA matched hundreds of letter writers across generations throughout the first year of the pandemic? With almost 3,000 letters exchanged, many of our pairs are still going strong!

I signed up to get a pen pal for my mother-in-law, Connie. Connie and Janet have been writing to each other for the past year. It has been a FANTASTIC experience. Janet is the perfect pen pal for Connie. Thank you for organizing this service. It continues to make a great difference in Connie’s life. It brings me great joy to know how happy the letters from Janet make Connie feel. Connie shares the letters with me and Janet’s writing is so friendly and personable. It sure would be fun to perhaps meet in person some day.

Thank you again for bringing Connie and Janet together as pen pals. It adds great joy to Connie’s life.

Sincerely, Vanessa

From all of us at ETA: you’re so welcome, Connie, Janet, and Vanessa!