There’s no limit to the ways we can connect and empower different generations!

School Readiness

School Readiness

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

“I have really loved volunteering through ETA. I think it is a model of what we must do to bring people together, prevent silos, and build bridges. ETA has helped me out of COVID slump and helped me to connect to others in different ways.”

Julie, senior volunteer

“My sister heard Diego reading with his ETA volunteer and she said to me, ‘I can’t believe it, Diego was speaking English!’ He is so much braver about speaking English now.”

W.F., parent

“Every week I leave with more knowledge than I had before. These conversations have truly opened my eyes to the other side of my community I never really had the opportunity to communicate with before.”

Caroline, teen

“I think that the ETA program helped me understand more about senior citizens. They aren’t much different from us.”

Damaris, teen

“I wish every student and their family could have this kind of support!”

J.F., elementary school principal

“I like the Empowering the Ages program. It made me think from different perspectives. I learned how to be more patient and to communicate more clearly.”

Mario, teen

“I feel like my daughter has connected so well with her ETA volunteer. She looks forward to meeting with her. I’m so happy this will continue over the summer too, and into kindergarten.”

E.N., parent

“This has meant a lot to me. My grandma recently passed away and being with older adults brings me joy. This has taught me that the stereotypes that people say about older adults are far from the truth.”

Gabriela, teen

“I saw such diverse choices of music and you young people are a light in these times! Thanks so much for sharing.”

Mary, senior community resident
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